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Icey-Tek 600 Quart Long Box Cooler

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600 Qt Long Style Box rugged Icey-Tek coolers keep anything cold for days!



78.5"L x 30.5"W x 30"H


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The Long box style coolers come equipped with commercial grade skids on the bottom in order to better protect the cooler itself and the surface they sit on. This cooler/ice box guarantees a watertight seal. You will find that each side of the cooler has a drain plug that screws in. Each of these works hand in hand with a rubber gasket to keep the cold in. They can quickly and safely be taken out in order to drain the cooler and also for cleaning purposes. This cooler can easily be locked with a padlock. The hinges on this cooler are self stopping. This helps keep the cooler from being damaged. The lids are also equipped with a rubber gasket that keeps the cooler almost airtight which leads to using less ice while keeping the contents colder for an extended amount of time. Still made with a 100% A grade polyethylene external skin. This protects the cooler for accumulating stains and smells. This style cooler is fitted with plastic coated rope handles to make it more mobile.