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Band-It Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit

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  • Three different kits to choose from

  • Stronger Than Plastic Ties - All stainless steel secure fastening system. 

  • Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor Use Resistant to fire and corrosion, physical abrasion, UV light and extreme temperatures. 

  • High Performance Coating


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Product Name Price Qty
Band-It Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit AA0299
Band-It Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit AA0399
Band-It Stainless Steel Cable Tie Kit AA0199

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Band-It Cable tie systems use a high performance, stainless steel coating that allows for long lasting, multiple use, cable ties. These cable ties have been used on everything from hose and cable bundling to HVAC applications and have stood the test of time. This kit comes with ID-tags that are to be easily marked with a die set or etching tool. these ID tags allow for the cables to be easily identified and are optimal for labeling in harsh conditions. The stainless steel coating that is on these cable ties, makes them great for indoor or outdoor applications. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

AA0299: 26 Ties and 15 Tags.
AA0399: 30 Reusable Ties.
AA0199: 26 Ties and 2 Tags.