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  • 9 Skincare Tips for National Sunscreen Day

    As the warm weather approaches and you anticipate spending more time on the water, remember that Saturday, May 27th is National Sunscreen Day. When you are having fun out on the water or even enjoying the quiet of some solitary fishing, it is important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

    Sunburns are not only incredibly painful, but the sun damage they cause is known to age skin faster, and even more importantly, cause skin cancer. Although this sounds dire, the effects of too much sun are easily preventable if you take the proper precautions.

    Check out our 9 sunscreen tips to keep your skin protected all summer long!

  • Celebrating Ships on US National Maritime Day

    United States National Maritime Day is immersed with history about how the shipping and maritime industry has provided support to our country.

    Created to honor and celebrate the maritime industry, National Maritime Day is observed on May 22. This is the date that, almost 200 years ago, the American steamship SS Savannah made the first successful transoceanic voyage using steam power.

    In honor of maritime achievement, Congress declared National Maritime Day a holiday on May 20, 1933. Learn more about this interesting event in our history.

  • Does Daylight Saving Time Affect Fishing?

    Anglers often make it through cold winter days by daydreaming about the first day of spring. And even better than spring is another highly anticipated day – the day the clocks are set an hour forward.

    The history of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is controversial and murky. Some love the extra hour of daylight in the morning, others prefer the extra daylight late in the day. However, for many anglers, DST means after-work fishing time.

    Learn how DST affects fishing conditions, and how to calculate the best times for casting your line using the Solunar Theory.

  • How to Recycle Old Fishing Equipment

    We all have boxes of old fishing equipment taking up space in garages and sheds. Some of these items have true sentimental value, and some we are just holding on to.

    Looking to refresh your gear for an upcoming tournament, or just find it time for a change? Don't toss your old equipment, recycle it!

    Below is a list of options for donating used fishing equipment, ways to dispose of it safely, and ideas for repurposing anything you can’t bear to part with.

  • 2017 Fishing Tournaments in the US

    As warmer weather approaches and vacation time is near, it is time to think about summer fishing, and that sometimes means fishing tournaments. The warm and stable weather usually results in consistently good fishing.

    A fishing tournament can be a big part of summer or vacation fun. Most people fish just for the fun of it, however, there are some who plan vacations around tournaments. These tournaments usually are broken down into two main types: bass and saltwater. Check out our recommendations on tournaments that we think are the best of the best for 2017, and share our infographic with friends who love to fish!

  • 10 Boating Safety Tips

    No matter how often you take family and friends out on the water, it’s a good idea for everyone to review boating safety rules before each departure.

    This is especially true if you are not sure how experienced some of your passengers are.

    Read our 10 tips for boating safety to make your excursions both fun and safe this boating season.

  • Presidents Who Were Outdoorsmen

    Presidents Day is a time to honor those who have held the highest office in our land. Since we are a country of outdoorsmen and fishermen, it is not surprising that many who became President were also outdoorsmen.

    In honor of Presidents Day, share our list of some of the most avid outdoorsmen, hunters, and fishermen to ever lead the free world.

  • How to Get Your Boat Ready for the Water

    It’s hard to believe, but winter will be over before you know it. It may seem like you just winterized your boat, but it’s not too soon to think about getting it ready to go back in the water.

    As the weather warms, getting back out on the water is on your mind. Planning to get your boat ready is better than procrastinating and postponing that first, glorious day when you embark anew this spring.

    Our guide on de-winterizing your boat will help ensure that when you get back on the water you will be ready for safe and fun boating all spring and summer long!

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boaters

    Love is in the air, chasing away the winter chill. The best way to demonstrate your love for the boater in your life is to give them a gift that will feed their passion. That way, while they are out on the water, they will be sure to think of you as they enjoy one of the gifts on our list.

    Boaters aren’t as hard to shop for as you might think. Check out our boater gift guide for some Valentine’s Day inspiration.

    If you're really at a loss about what to get the boater in your life, you can always choose a gift certificate to SeaGear Marine Supply. This shows you know what they like, but want them to get exactly what they want.

  • Boat Name Trends for 2017

    For boaters, naming your boat is a rite of passage as well as a legal requirement. Even though the options seem limitless, coming up with the perfect name for your vessel can be stressful. After all, having a cool or clever name for your boat is essential to your standing with people who are regularly out on the water.

    When your boat’s name is prominently splashed across its hull, you know everyone will take note. It’s important that your boat leave a good impression in its wake. The downside is a lack of respect from the other sailors and probably some mocking behind your back.

    So, what should you name your boat?

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