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COFISH Summer Whites Bib Trousers

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  • Wide legs for easy on/off over boots

  • Wide detachable suspenders with snap-in connectors

  • Front-to-back reversible bib trousers for extended wear




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The Cofish Summer Whites share the same great design and quality construction with the HDS:16 pants and the HDS:42 hooded jacket with reinforced cuffs. What makes these different is the fabric feels lighter and cooler due is the polyester base fabric under the specially formulated PVC. This unique fabric, combined with the WHITE color, can feel up to 15-20 degrees cooler than the dark green suit to its wearer on a sunny day. This makes our Summer Whites a favorite with people who work in the hot sun or warm weather but still need protection from the elements. All seams are welded to prevent soak through