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Deka Dual Purpose Batteries

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  • Deep pocket plate separators preventing short circuits and de-mineralized electrolyte preventing water loss

  • A leak proof and vibration resistant designs to help prolong the life of the battery

  • Cold Cranking Amps at 0F: Ranging from 550amps to 700amps

  • Marine Cranking Amps at 32F Ranging from 685amps to 875amps

  • Minutes at 25amps: Ranging from 120 mins to 182 mins

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    This Deka Marine Master Dual Purpose Battery is ideal for marine applications that require heavy-duty starting and moderate-duty cycling service. They deliver powerful cranking amperage for easy starting, and low amp draw service for reliable auxiliary power. Dual purpose batteries are designed for your larger, harder starting engines and medium-duty trolling and accessory loads.The Dual Purpose Series provides all the cranking power necessary for quick, sure starts and plenty of cycling power for your moderate auxiliary needs.
  • Dual alloy frame grids and plates for minimum maintenance
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