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12" x 9" Edge Mount Electric Electropolished Trim Tab Kit w/o Switch

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Fast response electric actuators for precise control. Fully submersible. All Plug & Play Deutsch connections. Blades are 304 stainless steel with 1" turned up edges and an 85° inside taper. Edge mount tabs are space savers. The actuators mount at the trailing edge of the blades, requiring less transom height than the standard mount tabs. Min transom height: 9" long models - 13.5", 12" long models 11".
Kit Includes:
  • 12-volt actuators (2) with 6' leads and Deutsch connectors

  • 20' actuator extension harnesses (2) with Deutsch connectors

  • Stainless Steel trim tab blades, 12 gauge (2)

  • Stainless Steel mounting hardware

Switch kit sold separately