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Tide Clock - West & Company 9" Cherry with Hanger #3417

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Cherry wood with brass hanger. Requires 1 AA battery not included.

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Tide clocks are specially designed to keep track of the Moon's motion around the Earth. Along many coastlines the Moon contributes 67% of the combined lunar and solar tides. Intervals between tides are influenced by the position of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth as well as the specific location on earth where the tide is being measured. Owing to the Moon's orbital progress, the time between high lunar tides fluctuates between 12 and 13 hours. A tide clock is divided into two six hour long tidal periods that shows the average length of time between high and low tide in a semi-diurnal tide region such as most areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dark oak wood
Glass case
Brass Port hole 

Forecast tides on the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts
Requires 1 AA battery not included